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About the author

I have 3 great passions: Martinus, hiking and cooking.



Martinus: My greatest passion is Martinus. I "met" Martinus´ work at a time when I was spiritually bankrupt. I had no clue what I was doing with my life and what the point was. The work of Martinus totally changed all that: it changed my outlook on life and made me see a much bigger picture than the usual: "we are here just to survive and make money". I can truly say that Martinus changed the way I looked at the world, and how I lived my life, what I ate and drank and what I thought. Where before there was chaos, accidental occurences and meaninglesness, I could now see order, beauty, serendipity and meaning. All my books are about aspects of Martinus cosmology, and I can assure you that the insight you get into the mystery of life from becoming familiar with his work is mindblowing. Martinus is without a doubt an extremely insightful person whose writings offer a new way to envisage the world and the meaning of our lives. Martinus was spiritually enlightened when he was 30 and he spent the next 60 years of his life (he died in 1981 at the age of 90) revealing a fascinating and completely logical world picture to Mankind. He left a legacy of 9000 pages and those pages are the most interesting read I have ever had. Here are all the answers to all the "big" questions - and mind you, answers that will appeal to your intellect and intelligence. His work is spiritual nourishment for the scientifically minded, modern human being, who has lost the ability to believe and who has a need to know. It has been written for those who can no longer be seduced by the magic of religion and who are seeking intelligent answers to the mystery of life. All my spiritual books are about Martinus´ logical and beautiful world picture.  

Hiking: Even though you love to study the work of Martinus you obviously sometimes have to get up from the chair and move. I am so fortunate that I live in Southern Spain, and I don´t think there is anywhere else in the world that can offer the same variety of exciting hiking paths and extreme natural beauty. I love getting out there and moving across the landscape on my two feet while I admire the mountains, streams, valleys, hillsides, wildlife, plants and the blue sea. It doesn´t get better anywhere else on the planet, and in my hiking books "Fod på Andalusien 1,2 3 and 4  (the first is out in English with the title "On Foot in Andalucia") I take the reader by the hand and  invite her to come with me into the unknown hinterland of the Spanish south coast. You will be surprised at what Andalucia can offer to the hiker.

Cooking:  I became a vegetarian in my mid forties, and as I have always had a passion for cooking, I started gathering and composing vegetarian dishes. My cook book is a collection of tasty, uncomplicated dishes for those who have realised that you do not have to eat meat to get a delicious meal. The side benefits are many: you improve your health, your CO footprint and your conscience. 

My background:  I was born in Denmark, where I went to school and university. I graduated in Spanish and English philology and worked as a teacher for many years. In 1990 my family and I moved to Spain where we opened a dental clinic. It was after we had moved that I discovered the works of Martinus. This totally changed my whole outlook on life, as I realized that we are here  - not just to survive - but to work on our own development towards becoming wiser, nicer and more loving beings. It really is quite simple, and the moment you realize that you get the same back from the Universe that you send out, is a very decisive moment in your life. It certainly was for me.

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